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About Us

We are a UK based startup making esports betting better. It’s more than just a game for us, it’s about players, fans, and integrity.

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What We’re Doing

We are developing a brand new online betting platform, made for esports and its communities, bringing together decades of expertise in wagering technology and video gaming.

  • A unique product offering
    Exciting new esports markets, designed by gamers and customised for each game title.
  • Supporting charities and the esports industry
    We reinvest a portion of our revenue back into teams, tournaments, gaming-related charities and good causes.
  • Behaving Ethically
    A new approach to player protection with no stake factoring, or unfair account closures for winning customers. Regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.
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Our Principles

Esports fans deserve a fair and safe place to wager on the games they love. We believe that operators have a duty to behave ethically, for the benefit of the community that supports us.

  • Esports Betting
    We understand our customers need to feel they can trust us, so we must build that relationship on honesty, transparency and the highest levels of player protection.
  • Esports Better
    Esports communities are bigger than the games we play, so we believe in giving back and paying forward. When esports succeeds, we all succeed, and that’s at the heart of everything we do.
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Who Are We

The Executive Team

Phill Adams

Phill Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Phill has been working in racing rights and pool betting since 2003. In that time he developed UK and Irish horse racing rights, worked for the South African tote and most recently was the CEO of the UK greyhound rights business, BAGS. He has spoken at numerous international betting conferences on how to internationalise racing rights and the strengths of pool betting.

Colin Jelfs

Colin Jelfs

Chief Operating Officer

Colin has worked in the gambling industry since 2005. A people person with strong organisational skills, he worked in advertising until 1996 and subsequently in sponsorship consultancy until 2004. He negotiated Nationwide Building Society’s sponsorship of the Football League and England Team and led the MBO of GG.COM Ltd before its eventual sale to Catena Media in 2018.

Lana Donaghy

Lana Donaghy

Chief Information Officer

Lana has over a decade of experience in technology, working with companies such as Virgin Media and Sony Interactive Entertainment. She is a gaming enthusiast, a former esports competitor, and games developer. A specialist in Agile project management, she has a passion for turning product vision into great software.

Mike Hall

Mike Hall

Chief Technical Officer

Mike has been working in software and product design for over twenty years, the last ten of those as a Technical Lead and CTO in the gambling industry. He is a strong advocate of customer-centric product design, the mobile-first web, and web performance. He also has spoken on industry best practice, and experience design.

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RPGG is currently raising up to £2 million to grow our esports pool betting platform, Puntt, that aims to become the number one site of its kind worldwide.

Contact for our Executive Summary, Pitch Deck and IM.

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